What the critics say about Adam's Peak ...

“Heather Burt fits naturally and beautifully into that group of writers who have given Canadian literature its reputation for creating compelling psychological landscapes peopled by wonderfully wise and complex characters. […] The plot deftly leaps several decades, from the 1940s to the present, and bridges Great Britain, Sri Lanka and Canada with a political sophistication worthy of a much more mature writer.”
         ~ The Winnipeg Free Press

“Book against book, novices can outshine the high priests. Heather Burt’s debut spans decades and continents, offering substance free from bombast and poundage. […] Among a large and diverse cast, each voice and exchange rings true.”
         ~ The Globe and Mail

“This fine first novel has much to offer: comedy and tragedy, domestic intimacy and panoramic sweep. […] It’s impressive too how Burt is able to bring to life such a large cast of characters — neighbours, old friends, relations — in a complex story that shrinks the globe.”
         ~ Quill & Quire

“a pure joy to read from beginning to end”
         ~ Shelf Life

“The Sri Lankan and Montreal settings are richly drawn, but the book really shines when it comes to its subtle exploration of family dynamics and its compelling depiction of the two main characters.”
         ~ Canadian Bookseller

“deftly plotted work … an unequivocal success”

         ~ Canadian Literature